RiseHwy99 creates community events that help you come together with like-minded people and move your body. Endorphins released during exercise are proven to reduce stress and improve your well-being. If you’ve moved to a new place and want to meet people, or just need the motivation to get outdoors, check out our events below.


This Try Something New event will be followed by a group cold-dip in the local river in Squamish. Meet location will be emailed the day before the event.

This certified guiding event includes everything you need to know to get into climbing, its equipment and its skills.

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Free Ocean Dip Meet Up

Monday 24th July 2023

Join us in Kitsilano for a 7am morning dip to get you ready and motivated for the week ahead.

Past Event- Sold Out

Speakers Event 2.0

Thursday 13th July - RMU

RiseHwy99  has partnered with RMU Whistler to bring you round two of the motivational Speakers Event Series surrounding mental health journeys.

Listen, ask questions and gain key take-aways for success.

Past Event- Sold Out

Paddle Social

Friday 23rd June - Jerico Beach

RiseHwy99 has partnered with All Access Adventures to bring you the best paddleboard social ever! Includes refreshments, a DJ and beer.

Past Event- Sold Out
Speaker's event hosted at Arc'teryx

Inspirational Real Talk

Shea Emry, Jana Kapp, Erica Hurtubise and Andy Robinson cover relatable, yet less discussed topics including men’s mental health, stereotyping, athleticism, concussion, grief, PTSD, and alcoholism. Listen as they take you on their inspirational journeys, with a chance for a Q + A at the end.