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RiseHwy99 isn’t just a hat company. It’s a community of outdoor enthusiasts and people who get a kick out of being in the fresh mountain air.

Deep thinkers, driven by community and adventure. People who understand that not everyone's perfect - but that doesn’t matter.

We’re here to raise awareness of mental health struggles, give back to local charities and show how our wonderful playground of a backyard can help. Because after all, BC is freakin’ beautiful.

We organize meet ups to get you moving, meet new people and celebrate what a beautiful country we are lucky to live in. Keep an eye on our social media for updates and how to join. Support us by wearing our apparel and raise awareness of rising up in the outdoors.

Oh and we do also sell hats... 10% of the profits from every hat sale will go directly towards funding counselling and outdoor programs in your community.

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