RiseHwy99 Speaker's Event

RiseHwy99 Speaker's Event

How can you overcome mental barriers and focus your experiences towards enhancing your life and helping others?

RiseHwy99 brings together four speakers from the Whistler community to explore a vulnerable yet beautiful space within mental health, breaking barriers and overcoming challenges.

Shea Emry, Jana Kapp, Erica Hurtubise and Andy Robinson cover relatable, yet less discussed topics including men’s mental health, stereotyping, athleticism, concussion, grief, PTSD, and alcoholism. Listen as they take you on their inspirational journeys, with a chance for a Q + A at the end.

speakers event about mental health for RiseHwy99

Forecast coffee and Wilder cookies are included with your ticket, with an added option for Picnic Whistler, charcuterie box.

With stories that will resonate with everyone, you’ll leave feeling inspired, motivated and with a new outlook on social issues.


Shea Emry 

Shae Emry - speaking about men's mental health at RiseHwy99 event in Whistler

Shea Emry, is a 2x Grey Cup champion in the Canadian Football League. As an All-Star Middle Linebacker, he was voted twice as the nastiest player in the league during his 8-year professional football career. Since retiring eight years ago — Shea has transitioned to tackling a new field: developing recreation programming in an effort to provide healthy ways to gather and ventilate.

After a significant concussion in 2011 — Shea founded Wellmen, an action-based men’s adventure club that aims to empower men to be… men. Empowering them to climb out of their comfort zones for an adventure within. Get to know yourself so you can grow yourself

This morphed into Axewood Axe Throwing, a speaking career, and most recently launching Avalaunch: a Snowball Fight experience and a workout system called Timberfit: a raw + gritty outdoor workout with logs and stones. All of these activities take place at his recreational base camp in Whistler BC at the business he owns — The Whistler Racket Club.

Shea’s focus is challenging and creating a more dynamic individual from the inside out through sport. Starting with teaching people how to play like a kid again!

Erica Hurtubise 

Erica Hurtubise talking about grief and loss at RiseHwy99 event in Whistler

Erica Hurtubise is a survivor; a survivor who has transformed tragedy into fuel for both herself and others in the pursuit of joyous and fulfilling lives.

As primary caregiver to her dying husband during his two-year illness with brain cancer, and as sole parent in the 3.5 years since, Erica has experienced her fair share of trauma and unfair burden.

Rather than let it consume and destroy her, however, Erica turned her grief on its head and used it to find purpose and direction towards creating the best life she can for herself and her children.

And today, with a renewed passion and vision, Erica is teaching others to transform their own grief into powerful healing and achievement.

Anyone who has met Erica knows how infectious her positivity, enthusiasm, and energy can be. Whether working with young children, trauma-stricken teenagers, or private clients, Erica excels at understanding, inspiring, and guiding those who are grieving through an active healing process so that they can reclaim their lives and redefine their purpose.

Andy Robinson 

Andy Robinson talking about PTSD, mental health, fitness and alcoholism at RiseHwy99 event in Whistler

Andy Robinson has over 18 years of experience as Strength & Conditioning Coach Trainer and Massage Therapist.

He has been part of the Whistler community since 2009.

He is a veteran, a trauma survivor and mental health advocate.

Andy's philosophy of life is simple, if you are moving you are winning.



Jana Kapp 

Jana Kapp talking about concussion and recovery at RiseHwy99 event in Whistler

Jana Kapp is a registered physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience in British Columbia’s Sea to Sky corridor. She is currently focusing on the field of Concussion Management after sustaining 3 concussions and struggling with post-concussion symptoms and PTSD for 7 years.

Professionally, she is Certified in Concussion Management including Vision and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Personally, she went on a journey to heal not only the physical aspects, but also the mental and emotional aspects associated with recovering from a concussion.

Jana identified that in order to become healthy again it required addressing all aspects of who she was, not just the “doing” aspects alone. It became very clear that in order to return to feeling healthy again required addressing the mental health and emotional components associated with healing.

Jana was motivated by her love of movement through skiing, hiking, biking and dance to stay on the path of healing, and in turn, the joy of movement also supported her on her path to healing.

By adopting a Body-Mind-Spirit approach Jana made a successful recovery and is back to feeling healthy and more herself again.

When Jana isn’t supporting others in their Concussion healing journeys, you can find her out on the slopes, taking a dance class, playing with her family and soaking up the outdoors. 

RiseHwy99 is holding this event at Arc'teryx Whistler. Click HERE to purchase tickets. 

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